A breath of fresh air in the crowded Zombie genre

Finally back to the good old days of comedy mixed with zombie horror. Thank you Australia for bringing it to us (again). Last time this occurred was from New Zealand with a then unknown (not to me) named Peter Jackson. After his brilliant "Bad Taste" and even better "Dead Alive" (Braindead) the genre seemed to fall on it's head. Sure "Warm Bodies" and "The Walking Dead" are great in their own merits, the comedy/zombie movie was lost, until now. This movie pays tribute to the best of what was out there before it, and instills its ow fresh ideas as well. So onto the story. Zombies, not sure why, but around. A small group of survivors tell their stories before deciding to rescue the main characters sister (Brooke). No need for names, all unknowns. But Brooke as been captured and is being tested upon to save the human race (although seems like by trying that they are also creating the zombie problem) So off the ragtags go after building a car that runs on the breath of the zombies. Did I mention gas (petrol) no longer burns, but the zombies breath does? This leads to an almost "Mad Max" type of war on the zombies. All of this leads to a great deal of entertainment, gore, and amusing one-liners. If you are a fan of the genre, you for sure will love this. If not, you most likely will enjoy it, maybe not as much as me. Good news, the end leaves a sequel wide open, and a quick search on IMDb brought up a rumored part 2. I cannot wait. Keep the cast, keep the crew and all involved. You have to learn something from those such as Romero, Jackson, and currently the likes of the Soska sisters, once you have found the talent that makes it work, stick with them.

My quick rating - 7,1/10. Movie review:When the makers of this film started brainstorming, it had to sound like this: "I don't care about plot, character development, realism or Oscar nods. The goal will be simple, mass violence, non-stop unbelievable action, and a nice looking heroine to dole out all the carnage." Well Joe Lynch (story/director) and Yale Hannon (screenwriter) succeeded ten fold. The movie begins with a naked woman (Selma Hayek) crawling into a bathroom, clearly beat up/abused. She makes it to the toilet where she retrieves a gun and a burn phone from the toilet tank. Well, now you see what you are in for. That is your lead up to 90 minutes of constant action that merely slows down a minute or so here and there to explain everyone is trying to kill her, some for the mob boss, some as hired hit men, and all this takes place in her apartment. I would delve further into the plot, but there isn't one past Hayek is doing all in her power to live and get her daughter and mother to safety so they can start a new life while Hayek has accepted her fate. Hayek as the heroine does a believable job of kicking ass but not being portrayed as some super hero, just a women that has been pushed to limits. There are a couple of under developed subplots, but not worth worrying about. A couple characters you may take to, one being the little girl, of course, and the other being a hit-man who is shot in the opening sequence that doesn't die and actually helps Hayek a bit. But we aren't here for that, just action, blood and each wave of attackers being more bizarre then the last. No one involved made this movie to be taken seriously, so don't expect it to be, just enjoy it for what it is. Oh, and don't welcome the Sadist and the Masochist into your home. You will know why after watching. Enjoy, I know I did.


My quick rating - 6,3/10. Basically the same movie as the sequel (which I accidentally watched first).Basically a young adult goes against the system and goes on a killing spree to try and teach the world a lesson. There is plenty of propaganda in this movie, but it isn't that far off,just a tad bit too extreme. Still entertaining, albeit violent and mean spirited. Extra couple tenths of a point for an interesting end(easy to guess) and a slight bit better job acting. Oh, and always nice to see max headroom" in a movie LOL

Hopefully Uwe Boll can continue the upward mobility in movie making, since his last 3 that I have seen have been pretty good, and that is hard to say with a straight face after the crap he has made in the past, but still true.


Since I mentioned seeing the sequel first, here was my take on "Rampage:Capital Punishment"

My quick rating - 6,0/10. Surprisingly good flick that is politically charged and actually does a good job of showing how frustrated people can get with the "system" The movie "Falling Down" pointed this out aswell, but still. Ididn't realize this was a sequel, so going to have to watch them out of order (doubt it will much matter). Overall, UweBoll is finally getting shit right.


My quick rating - 7,1/10. WOW, I was not expecting this out of a Chris Rock movie. Narrow scope I suppose, but very nice to see Pookie branch out (as I knew he could) What a nicely made and acted film. Funny when it should be, and also serious when it needed as well. Nicely shot and kept the range of the actors in check for what should and should not be said to get the point across. I went in expecting another comedy vehicle and got much better. Big thumbs up. I enjoyed the end leaving everything up to the imagination of the viewer. Well done and highly recommended to all.Don't go in expecting his stand up, just expect a lighter side (strong side) of how it may be when everything hits you all at once (the fame) and how it may hurt you. Believable, not in this movie, but reality, sure.


My quick rating - 7,2/10. An exceptionally well made flick on a shoestring budget. Everything in this movie does its job. The story is basically a yarn on "the boogeyman" tale, but this goes much further, and more personal. I must point out that this is a thinking persons horror movie that uses camera work, slight music, acting (that forgotten art) and story to scare you. No gore needed to frighten you around the corners of the house. I suppose I should just simply state the plot: A single mother and her slightly off son live in a suburb of Australia (I think Adelaide is a suburb, I am new to this Continent). The son believes there is a dark force haunting them known as the "Babadook" which happens to be a quite disturbing children's book they have in their house. Well of course the mother dismisses this as nonsense. Well, we know from other movies what happens when evil spirits aren't believed in...The plot centers around the mother (played wonderfully by Essie Davis) and her spiral into madness. The book almost describes out the twists she will take on her journey. Every element of this movie is paid such detail, that it borders "genius". Keep in mind this movie was a kickstarter funded film, made on a 30,000 dollar budget. After watching, all I can say is it screams "Get Jennifer Kent (writer/director) a budget and let's see what she can do" Definitely something that any drama/horror fan should be checking out. Only negative I could find is the strange ending, and of course, I am not saying what that is. Enjoy. 

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