My quick rating - 8,1/10. Phenomenal movie. The story, even though it is a biography, is superb and was well crafted into a movie. The acting is top notch and considering the characters they had to play, it is amazing they pulled it off so well. Obviously the music speaks for itself so no need to go there. I can't hardly find a flaw in this film, every aspect was just done so darn well. I have to put this up there for movie of the year and I really wonder come Oscar time if we will be hearing about this one. Maybe not for the music category, being NWA and all lol but I can see some other categories for sure. I can't say enough about this truly captivating story and how the movie does such a great job telling it right up until the end. No spoilers in case people don't know the real life story. All I can say to sum it up is SEE IT. I bet you will watch it more than once. "Yo Dre, I got something to say" Enjoy.


My quick rating - 4,8/10. Blair Witch meets Bigfoot. As the summary suggests, it is HandiCam footage flick, but since all the good topics were used ( Wer , Afflicted , Chronicle , Diary of the Dead ) now Eduardo Sanchez (director) takes a shot at Bigfoot. The overall movie isn't bad with some decent pacing and camera switches (different people had different cameras) so it gives a somewhat realistic feel. By saying that, I am not sure if it is realistic or just plain stupidity on how the characters act throughout, but then again, not sure how I would react to being stalked by a giant creature out to kill me. Aside from that, the scares are minimal but slightly effective and not overdone. The acting is amateur but I guess that is to be expected. In this movie, you DO see the creature and I am unsure if that is good or bad. It wasn't done poorly (the costume looked just fine) I am just not sure if you needed to see it fully. I don't know, I guess I am over thinking. I also am not a fan of the end, to frilly, Hollywood nonsense, but you can decide (no spoilers on my watch) So enjoy if you get the chance, but if you need handicam scares, check out those suggested or by far even better, if you can deal with subtitles, get [rec]



My quick rating 7,9/10. A very well made movie that tackles a few interesting subjects. This philosophical approach to "what makes us "human" and how would you react if you could just be "turned off" are a couple of deep subjects that are touched upon. This does lead to a slightly plodding pace at times since each part is very well written and often gives the viewers a moment or two to seriously consider what had just been said. The story involves a study for a man (who won his way into this test) to test a robot that has AI that simulates a human brain in rational thought and self awareness. Other movies have touched upon this subject (Blade Runner, anyone?) but this is more of a closed environment to demonstrate how the robot will react, and also does take ample time to show how the human male will respond as well. The acting is spot on and not overdone, but just has a very real feel to it. Alicia Vikander (who plays the robot, Ava) gives a stand out performance conveying her emotions by extremely subtle eye movement and limited facial expression. A very well made flick that should be seen by sci fi fans along with those that appreciate a real thinking persons story. Also a big thumbs up to the special effects department as everything looks so fluid and believable (though you know it is CGI). All around a treat for all. Enjoy.


My quick rating - 6,5/10. Not sure what @oklahoma ward and @nicole alonso did to me, but after #CRAWLorDIE it seems movies are all about caves, tunnels, and claustrophobia. Anyway, shameless plug aside, this movie is a very well done flick that keeps you wondering what is next. It take a little bit to get going, but after it does, it holds the audience quite well. The acting is as expected but I found the "interview" like scenes with Perdita Weeks as Scarlett doing a good job pulling you into the story. Yep, there is a story, even if it is far fetched. It is your hidden underground labyrinth with a hidden item (in this case a healing stone) that has been buried for centuries in the worlds largest tomb. The imagery of crawling around over bones and walking through corridors of skulls, etc. really brings out the atmosphere and makes the "found footage" take some validity for once and not using it as just a gimmick. The scares are there, subtly, but effective. After tons of "found footage" movies getting the idea completely wrong and just using the handi cam this way, finally another movie gets it right. Giving a feel of other movies such as Descent and the exceptional Crawl or Die with the horror and claustrophobic sense seems to be working as of late, and this is another that does it quite well. Definitely a good watch and such a cool ending to the whole story that drives you to "the only way out is to keep going down." After seeing the end, you will know what I mean. A great finish to a good entry into the genre. Enjoy.


My quick rating - 4,1/10. Don't listen to any nonsense about how violent/gore filled this is. It just isn't. The movie leads itself to being a sequel within a new movie premise taken a step further from how part 2 was to 1. Kudos to Tom Six for making sequels that don't follow the traditional role, but smack him at the same time for being so pretentious to think a film fan won't see right through his arrogance. Multiple scenes of what Tom considers humor point this out entirely by being long, drawn out scenes with Deiter Laser (Bill Boss) acting like a complete jackass overacting a joke to the point that would make Jim Carrey cringe. Basically the story in a nutshell (about all you need) is a deranged prison warden (Laser) decides at his last straw to use the ideas from the Human Centipede movies to punish criminals and deter further offenders to ever break the law. This revelation is made when the governor (played by, wait for it, Eric Roberts) gives Boss 2 weeks to get his prison in order. What better way then take all the prisoners and sew them ass to mouth together, right? Anyway, back to the gore, a scene or two MAY have been considered "gross" years ago, but there is nothing to raw at all. Some of the humor is quite funny in a very dark way (his idea of health food is one of them) but the overshadowing of the poor acting is a deterrent (in other words, yes, it is a b-budget movie BUT it was so painfully obvious the actors were purposely acting bad to become a b-budget movie) So again the numbnut,Tom Six, thinks he is outsmarting the audience with this backasswards attempt at laughs. These laughs tend to come more from suggestion and the cheesy attempt at being an exploitative film(women should love a secretary named "Tits") All and all, it has the pros but is to outweighed by the cons. Good news, it was only supposed to be a trilogy, so we may be spared of another one.

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