Movie review:Seems to be a "baby" theme going on here. In this movie, a couple (Tabrett Bethell & Andy Whitfield respectively) are traveling across the state to visit her parents. Well, of course she is pregnant, and in route they are cut off the road by some truck. Well, when the get back on the road, they decide to call it a day and stay overnight, on Christmas Eve, at some dive motel. Well, he decides to go out and get Chinese and when he returns (no Chinese) his wife, Beth, is missing, just a note on the pillow that we don't get to see. Well cut scene to where she wakes up in a strange room in a tub full of ice. As she comes to, she realizes she has been treated to that old kidnap and c-section gag (mommies may not be big fans of this movie) As she stumbles out of the room, she passes other rooms with tubs in them and she knows she isn't alone. In her attempt to escape the "warehouse" type area, she finds a locked gate and no way out. When she passes out, she awakens to 3 other women helping take care of her, all with the tell tale c-section blood stains on their clothes. So with no way out, they elect to find the babies after they find another women bleeding to death that says her baby was "blue." So off they go until they split up, of course, and one the girls (a mute) is attacked and killed, but is able to snap a photo of her murderer, and it is another victim (they all wear tops that have roman numerals on them). So now aside from not knowing why they are there, they must survive a crazy one of them stalking the 3 remaining surrogate parents. The typical "hunted" scenario here is used for the tension, but the movie does a very good job of keeping you wondering why this is all happening. As it moves along, little clues present themselves which I will let you unravel, it isn't rocket science, but it is better to let the movie show you. I enjoyed the pacing of this movie and not allowing the budget hamper down a well made, and presented film. The acting was very believable for an unknown cast (at least to me, you aussies may know them since this was made in New South Wales, home of all the crazies) The movie did not use gore to keep the tension and just used blood when it was appropriate. Oh, the husband part of the story, off trying to find her after she disappears, utilizing the assaulting a police officer method and stealing his car. He ends up beating the location of where the women are taken from the guy at the motel but on the way there, he runs over a trap of spikes that were setup on the road and flips his car, assumed dead. I won't say if he is or not, but that is the last you see of him. An original idea that did end in a bit of surprise. Just a very well written movie that should be seen. I would recommend this one if you run across it. 5.8/10 IMDB 5.3


Movie review for Shocktober:By far the best film of the After Dark film festival from 2007(if you don't know what that is, look it up !) Anyway, the plot was extremely original.You are hunted and killed every day and wake up in a new life.Sound confusing? At first it will be. The story that is weaved is very well done.Mike Vogel (Ian) did a good job of selling each difference he deals with daily.The camera work was also done very well.If you want an unknown horror flick that delivers, here it is.6.8/10 IMDB 5.6 I guess IMDB users were smoking something when they saw this LOL.

Movie review:I remember this being in the theater in 2009 but somehow I never got around to seeing it. Changed that last night (4/4/2013) So anyway this is a classic good versus evil movie that looks spectacular. The outdoor scenes taken in England and Prague are truly stunning. This starts off with action as our (anti)hero is an unstoppable soldier who kills and robs gold where and when he can. Well, than something happens and he denounces those ways (remove the "anti" tag now) and becomes a man of peace. Here he joins a monastery and becomes a different person, but that doesn't mean evil is not still after him, in the name of Mordeci. The story that is interwoven actually works very well, not the typical "sold my soul to the devil for power" type thing. So why does the devil want Solomon so bad? That is what unfolds and no, I am not telling you. So with your hero set who refuses to fight and gets kicked out of the monastery, he sets back out into the world and is picked up by a family after he gets roughed up by some thugs. Currently, Mordeci is creating an army of demonoids and is ravaging the lands surrounding this area with no regard for human life. Well the inevitable does happen and the family with Solomon is confronted by a faction of these warriors and you can figure out what happens. I won't give more of the plot away, but it is extremely well played out, so kudos to the writer of this one. The action sequences are very well choreographed and the special effects, though sparsely used, also were well done especially since they didn't overuse them. The acting was good, when you were supposed to feel anguish, the acting made you see it. Rachel Hurd-Ward (Meredith, young girl) was exceptional and I expect to see her more (had to look, I know that was the girl from the movie Perfume) James Purefoy (Solomon) was also played well, only other thing I know him from is the TV show Revenge. Yes, there are plenty of religious undertones in this movie, as there should be for the topic that is tackled and it isn't done in much of an overbearing way. I can't believe I let this one slide for this long but glad I finally saw it. You will be as well. 6.9/10 IMDB 6.0. Enjoy

Sure, I only watched this because I have a friend who has a daughter
named Tamara. Well, if she aspires to grow up being a sexy witch, then
this is the movie for her. A typical school of cool kids, that are not
cool in the slightest, set out to play a prank on the socially inept
shy girl, Tamara (Jenna Dewan-Tatum). But unbeknownst to them, she also
practices witchcraft. Well, when they accidentally kill her and bury
her in the woods, she comes back to life to exact her revenge. (Bonus
points for the amusement of her walking into class the next day) So she
goes about this by basically controlling the minds of the kids to
perform her bidding's. I'll leave it at they are rather tame methods,
so gore-movie hounds will not be all too excited. Granted her powers of
suggestion do lead to one of the more amusing things in the movie, but
I'll leave that for you to see. So of course there is her love
interest, which is her teacher (Matthew Marsden) and they are bound by
a spell to be together forever. In a well paced 90 minute film, we get
to "forever" in just the right duration with a stupid ass ending that
really distracts from the fun the rest of the movie was. The acting was
pretty bad, but I really don't think they were shooting for any Oscars
here. Nice little flick if you catch it on netflix or redbox, beyond
that, I wouldn't go out of my way for it. 4.7/10 (Click poster to watch full movie)


Movie review:Well we have been seeing the "teens get super powers" thing before.So suspend belief and take it for what it is.These 3 kids start off using the powers to just mess around with people, and then it gets a bit different when they start to turn dark and after each other. The way the story is done, though, is far different since it uses the backdrop of the kids to focus on the more relistic way they may deal with it.This movie is a found footage type movie,so warning that at times you can't tell what the hell is going on.The actors did a great job, and the blend of the effects into the cam type footage was done very well to the point that I believe takes these types of films to a whole new level. I found the plot quite different than the usual superhero stuff since it was more character driven. This all drives you into a very interesting story that takes you all the way through to the spectacular, albeit sad and inevitable climax. Since the pacing was near perfection, the 90 minutes are wrapped up just perfectly. 6.9/10 (barely missing the 7 due to the camera work that got confusing at times) IMDB 7.0....bet this would've been strange to watch in a theater. I read that people actually got sick from the camera work.Enjoy safely all

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