Battle Royale...I mean Hunger Games theme park in the cards


Toronto -- Lionsgate is considering turning its blockbuster Hunger Games franchise into a theme park. Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer told analysts Friday that the box office success of the original The Hunger Games movie, and the upcoming launch of the Catching Fire sequel later this month, has prompted approaches by investors about possible franchise-themed amusement parks. "We have been approached in two different territories about potential theme park opportunities, which gives you a sense of the cultural impact of this franchise," Feltheimer told analysts during a conference call after the release of his second quarter results Friday. 

7 Stories You May Have Missed In This Crazy Week For Horror!


Holy sh*t does AFM make for an insane news week here at BD. Not only is this a busy time of year in general, but you’re adding into the mix an event in which hundreds of new horror titles – some big, some small, some that will never get made – are announced.

If you’re truly into all of the minutiae, feel free to enter AFM ’13 in the above search bar. But if you don’t have time, I figured I’d collect some stories you may have missed (stuff that might have been pushed off the page in a matter of hours) during this high volume week. A lot of it is AFM, but there’s also some other stuff that may have flow by you as well.

Head below to check it out.

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Top Ten Anticipated Films at Toronto


Whether they've already debuted at Venice, Telluride or Harvey Weinstein's movie grotto (face it, he must have one) these are the films that have to be seen at Toronto to consider your attendance a success. The tragedy is the screenings can sometimes be scheduled at the same time (don't ask us why) so sometimes seeing them all is not possible...but here's the list. One of the great things about Toronto, however, is the UN-Anticipated films, which are the surprises that often end up making the entire festival worthwhile. by Keith Simanton

I could tell you what the 20 most overused lines in cinema are, but then I'd have to kill you


Making films can't be easy. Lucky for script writers, there's always a cliché on hand if they ever get stuck...

"Bond. James Bond." "I'll be back." "Show me the money!" "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." "You talkin' to me?"

Done right, a well-crafted one-liner can outgrow its film and enter the annals of cinema, not to mention the vocabulary any well-versed film buff. But, if you're here hoping to find the next "Life is like a box of chocolates", we strongly advise you look elsewhere. This list's not about quality, it's all quantity.

As let's face it, originality is overrated. And rather than spend hours poring over and adjective or pronoun, sometimes scriptwriters need something quick, familiar and hugely clichéd. And there are no finer examples/worse offenders than the following 20 lines, which are quite possibly the most overused in the history of cinema.


Over a busier-than-expected three-day weekend, 3D concert flick One Direction: This is Us narrowly took first place at the box office ahead of Lee Daniels' The Butler. Including Labor Day, however, The Butler ultimately came out on top over the holiday weekend.
The big story, though, is the incredible performance of Spanish-language family comedy Instructions Not Included, which wound up in fifth place despite playing in fewer than 400 theaters.
While it was down year-to-year, overall business still came in at a solid level this weekend (the top 12 earned an estimated $92.6 million for the three-day frame). The riches were spread across a ton of titles: over the three-day weekend, 24 different movies grossed over $1 million.

-editors note from jackmeat "what the hell is the matter with you people? a movie about these idiots is #1, and "getaway" is #9? was this a weekend of torturing our brains without drugs? People, look at the ratings, a 2.9/10, from the fans as well as non-fans. Sad day in the movie industry to report this. Oh after the 4 day totals are in, "Butler" will be ahead.

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