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Air Force One Down (2024)

My quick rating - 4.7/10. This movie takes us on a high-stakes journey aboard the iconic presidential aircraft, but its ambitions are often hampered by the limitations of its low budget. Directed by movie newcomer James Bamford (he has some impressive TV and stunt credentials under his belt), the film follows a rookie agent thrust into a harrowing ordeal when Air Force One is hijacked by terrorists, putting the president and a critical energy deal at risk. At the heart of the film is Katherine McNamara's standout performance as the determined and resourceful rookie agent. McNamara brings a sense of grit and determination to her role, anchoring the film with her compelling portrayal of a woman thrust into a situation far beyond her training. She is easily the reason to watch this flick since it is less than mediocre without her. As the story unfolds, it does gradually finds its footing and gains momentum. The tension builds steadily as the rookie agent battles against the terrorists to protect the president and prevent a catastrophe. Moments of suspense are interspersed with bursts of action, keeping you engaged and holding your interest as the stakes continue to rise.

However, the film's low budget is evident in its production values, with some scenes suffering from a lack of polish and visual effects that fall short of Hollywood standards. While this may detract from the overall immersion, it is a testament to Bamford's resourcefulness that he was able to accomplish as much as he did with limited resources. Despite its shortcomings, the flick still manages to deliver an entertaining and engaging experience, thanks in large part to McNamara's standout performance and the film's increasingly tense narrative. While it may not reach the heights of big-budget blockbusters, it offers an average dose of thrills and excitement if you are looking for an action-packed ride, this will suffice. Its production limitations are apparent but ultimately proves to be a worthwhile watch. This is especially true if you were a fan of those STV action flix from the video store days.

As of 03.29.24 you can rent or "buy" this one for matinee pricing from these streamers.

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