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Arcadian (2024)

My quick rating - 5.8/10. I don't care what others say, you cannot go wrong with Nicolas Cage. His latest flick plunges us into a dystopian future where Earth's inhabitants face relentless terror after nightfall. The story follows Paul (Cage) and his two sons, Thomas (Maxwell Jenkins) and Joseph (Jaeden Lieberher), as they struggle to survive in a world where darkness brings unimaginable horrors. By day, they find solace in tranquility, but as soon as the sun sets, they're besieged by a violent and mysterious evil. When Thomas doesn't make it home before sundown which is a rule, Paul is forced to leave the safety of their fortified farm to find him. What follows is a nightmarish battle against the creatures that haunt their world, pushing the family to execute desperate measures to survive. One thing I immediately noticed is its creature design. The monsters, reminiscent of the lickers from the "Resident Evil" franchise, are unsettling with their bird-like faces that violently shake before striking. They add an urgent sense of dread to the film's atmosphere and provide some genuinely creepy moments. Cage's presence is his usual highlight of any flick. Regardless of the film's overall quality, He always brings an intensity to his roles that keeps you engaged. His portrayal of Paul adds depth to the character and elevates some of the film's more emotional scenes that may not have worked with a lesser caliber actor. I did find the plot feeling a bit predictable at times, and the pacing occasionally drags, particularly in the middle act. Additionally, some of the dialogue feels forced, detracting from the immersion of the story and part of the notes I took while watching. Shortcomings aside, the flick is a decent watch for fans of horror-action films. While it may not break new ground, it offers enough thrills and chills to keep audiences entertained, especially with Cage owning his scenes and leading the charge against the nightmarish creatures.

Amazon along with a few other streamers have this one for you.

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