Awaken (2015)

Updated: Jul 15

My quick rating - 3,5/10. Natalia Guslistaya (Burn) is the wrong girl this time who wakes up, or awakens if you will, on an island with no memory of how she got there. Of course, for no apparent reason, she immediately is being chased by someone along with others she quickly finds. This ragtag group than tries to survive together since their acting couldn't save them from a poorly timed telemarketer call. It does sound as though it could be alright but it really isn't. At the point they build a raft to get to the nearest island and then you SEE the raft, you know you are in trouble. Problem with movies like this is when they try to take things seriously that are just so poorly done. You can't be serious when a girl trips and falls about the height of ONE stair and when they show her on the ground, you would think she dropped off the Empire State building. And after all if this nonsense is done, I realized they were most likely trying to equate this to a REAL problem going on with human trafficking. Still at times there is a moment or two of entertainment and I am a fan of Vinnie Jones, who has made his career on these b-budget flix. The one most curious question is why did Daryl Hannah and Edward Furlong bother being in this one? I know they are not exactly in demand but I cannot think they need money to the point of doing this crap.

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