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Baghead (2023)

My quick rating - 5.5/10. That was a chilling and atmospheric tale that blended elements of horror and mystery, anchored by a compelling premise and some truly creepy scenes. The flick follows Iris (Freya Allan) as she grapples with the unexpected inheritance of a rundown pub in Berlin following her estranged father's death. She was a new face for me (I didn't watch The Witcher) and she handled this role quite well. As Iris delves into the mysteries surrounding her inheritance, she soon discovers that the pub harbors a dark secret: an unspeakable entity known as Baghead, capable of shape-shifting into the forms of the deceased. This sets the stage for a series of eerie encounters and spine-tingling moments as Iris navigates the unsettling presence lurking within the pub's basement. It doesn't take long before others concoct other uses for this hidden talent and you can guess at least one of them is related to money. It does have the ability to create a palpable sense of dread and tension, heightened by effective cinematography and sound design. The slow-building suspense keeps you on edge, gradually unraveling the mysteries of Baghead and the true nature of Iris's inheritance. The flick does suffer from pacing issues, particularly during the middle portion of the film. Some scenes feel drawn out, resulting in moments where the tension wanes and the momentum falters. Despite this flaw, the flick does manage to maintain its grip on you through its intriguing story and atmospheric execution. Overall, I found it to be a haunting and atmospheric horror film that delivers some genuinely creepy moments. Its compelling storyline and effective scares make it a worthwhile watch for fans of the genre. I don't think it would've taken much extra care to push this one into a more elite category but even though it didn't quite reach its potential, I still enjoyed it.

You can check this one out on Shudder or AMC both of which are linked with Amazon.

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