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Blood Beat (1983)

My quick rating - 4.1/10. An 80s horror flick I have never heard of and a couple of reviews just point out how weird this one is so I am keen to check it out. During a family get-together in rural Wisconsin for your typical hunting, they are stalked by the spirit of a Japanese samurai warrior. The other reviews surely were not wrong, this is a bizarre concept at a time when it was all the rage to have topless co-eds running away from a machete-wielding killer. Instead, we have a strange concoction of a slasher mixed with a supernatural tale of a family that has some form of power that isn't defined very well. I would love to elaborate on this plot, especially the strange turn it takes into the third act but it is so full of holes in the plot, that there is really no coherent explanation to what is going on. The Japanese murderer is brought back to life and invades their home and begins to take them out in a very bland fashion so don't expect the gore to overtake you. There is a lot of pointless screaming going on while the family is isolated and afraid for their lives. This ends up leading into the peculiar mother and the power that she possesses. There are flashes of wartime scenes and bombs exploding so I am guessing there is some relevance to possibly WW2 and this samurai spirit but writer/director Fabrice A. Zaphiratos didn't bother putting this together. Instead, he did bring a really trippy horror film that may not be very good especially holding up over time, but gets points very being some wacky stuff in a time that was absolutely the same thing over and over in the horror genre. I have to give him kudos for that since it isn't often I see something that is just that different from what was the norm.

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