Bloody Summer Camp (2021)

Updated: Jun 19

My quick rating - 3,8/10. All I saw about this one is Felissa Rose being in it. If you aren't sure who she is, she was the 13-year-old girl from the first Sleepaway Camp. In the first half-hour, you can see why this slasher flick is over 2 hours. They did NOT bother editing scenes with pointless dialogue down to size or out completely. I wish I could say that was the only problem with this one but there are quite a few. It is obvious that director David Kerr was a big fan of the 80s slasher genre as much as I was so I can appreciate exactly where he was going with this one. All the tropes are presented to keep things moving along when they are NOT wasting an absorbent amount of time chatting about nothing. Of course, I was drawn in by Felissa Rose and her ties to her previous effort, so I was expecting some sort of plot twist from the get-go. I suppose not everyone will go in with that and might not be as annoyed since we guessed that big "mystery" out immediately. But in a fitting fashion, after the reveal, they do an adequate job explaining away the what seems impossible scenario of the killer. This is most likely why I am not rolling this one down the hill further in ratings since other aspects that I was hoping would be present such as the gore were very disappointing. Gratuitous boob shots are thrown in to fill that quota though along with tripping women almost framed into the scene front and center to make sure you are focused on it happening. There are some good laughs sprinkled in as well including the literal LOL scene with the cook who happens to be Black and the local racist cop (Dave Sheridan) It is more the setup of the scene that was so funny. I can see this one lingering around for a while after people start to give this a little underground cult looks but even to myself who is a huge fan of b-budget stuff (Troma???) this has too many other flaws that cannot be attributed to being an homage to slashers of old. But I will say if a fan of the lesser-known flix of the time in this genre, you should check it out. And if you are not, you will despise this flick.

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