Bloomfield (2020)

My quick rating - 3,7/10. The movie starts with a girl (Brianna Young) who seems to have to move around a lot but when her parents are mysteriously killed, she then gets shipped to her "aunt". This tiny town though seems to hold some secret. Side note, when the actual town is shown, it is quite picturesque but I digress. So a few problems here. The movie really can't decide if Young should be a high school girl, or a woman. Her aunt is trying to peddle her off to the town mayor who has to be in his thirties while she is shown at school with other 16 year olds??? But I suppose that is not the worst things happening, well, minus the acting of nearly every person we get to see. Apparently Auntie Tilda holds a dark secret and plans to use Elaine, oh that is Youngs characters name in a ancient ritual to....well, I won't spoil it since they never bother explaining what it is. So in this little town, apparently not only does everyone know everyone but they are also involved in whatever it may be. I didn't quite guess it was going to be as silly as cannibalistic witches and warlocks, although no one ever demonstrates any power, so maybe just flesh eaters. And since they act like normal folks throughout the flick, for some reason at the ritual, the all walk and moan like zombies. Other people disappear, time all of a sudden passes and Elaine is pregnant yet isn't too concerned with how that may have happened. More really dumb shit happens and I am about to change my score. But I will leave it as it is, first reaction. I suppose with a little attention to what was going on, this could've been decent for a b-budget thriller.


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