Carter (2022)

Updated: Aug 12

My quick rating - 6,5/10. Recent streamer on Netflix to check out. Not even 20 minutes in and all I can say is the camerawork in this is absolutely insane. This has a Hardcore Henry-type feel to it with a man running around being instructed what to do after waking up with no memory of who he is. Instead of first person, this is shooting like it is all one fluid scene the whole time. The incredible use of pans and sweeps used to hide the editing just looks phenomenal. I checked IMDB and they are high. This movie really should be rated even higher but I couldn't get over a bunch of the utter ridiculous stuns that did happen. Just on technical merit alone if you push off the story you have hard before. A man wakes up with no memory of who he is and must fight his way to find this information. But in this case, he is immediately subjected right back to his previous life of being an agent with a very high skillset for survival. Yes, to the point of being impossible but that is part of the fun. The flick wastes no time in a massive-scale fist fight just to get you prepped for the near non-stop action you are about to bear witness for the next 132 minutes. And I know you are thinking that is way too long for an action flick but aside from pausing to catch your own breath, it flies by. I mention that because I did tend to just hit pause on the rare moment when helicopters weren't flying upside down or motorcycles weren't crashing in every direction to just allow my brain to take all the action in and reset itself. I will warn you that if you get dizzy from constant motion, you may have to steer clear since the single-shot style with drone cameras flying all around might make you nauseous. On IMAX, this flick would be a trip and a half. The only thing holding this back from being truly amazing is the mediocre acting and plot which does have some holes in. But push those aside since the holes in physics of every action scene presented far outweigh those. And that is why you must watch this one. The funny thing is, there was hardly any noticeable CGI used throughout, and I am positive there had to be a ton. One scene was really bad but that was only a moment. Byung-gil Jung has a very short directing resume but with how damn impressive this one is, I cannot wait to see more from him. I did notice his previous effort The Villainess is sitting in New Releases and from what I read, it earned him his initial acclaim so I will be checking that one out soon enough.

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