Chompy & The Girls (2021)

My quick rating - 4,5/10. If they would have stopped focusing on the father-daughter relationship so much and stuck with comedy, it would've been much better. Instead, they spend an exorbitant amount of time trying to hash out not being in touch since the college fling that created our heroine, Jackson (Christy St. John). Speaking of, she is also way over her skiis in her acting. She is trying to do a lot more emotions than her range allows and ends up just looking stupid. But had we just stuck with the comedy that we are presented with, I think we may have been onto something. The goofy premise of the guy just swallowing girls whole is fun enough, but even the director realized it wasn't going to carry a flick. Cleverly he created something around this that makes it quite a bit of fun to figure out what is going on. From what I saw and the campy fun when this movie stays on target, I think Skye Braband may be a name to keep an eye out for in the future. Just leave out the side serious notes of drug issues and parental responsibilities and you'll be much better off. Case in point, if you are going to start a movie with a botched suicide attempt, you BETTER stick with comedy if you are going that route, and not meander back and forth between serious situations about absentee parenting, and a dude with a giant mouth roaming around trying to eat little girls. Just a little movie-making tip for you. For a campy watch, it is unique and for the budget does do well with the aesthetics. If you are into that kind of silly flick, you may get something out of it, but I doubt it'll fall into your collection after the fact. It won't be in mine but I am not pissed I spent 90 minutes on it.


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