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Clown Motel (2023)

My quick rating - 2.6/10. When Alma (Juliana Destefano) returns home to help her family get their Native American heritage recognized, all she finds is the World-Famous Clown Motel that has been erected on their land. The first one wasn't all that good but I still feel the need to check out the sequel. That was typed before I had watched this and I want to point out, director Joseph Kelly of Clown Motel: Spirits Arise has contacted me about viewing his third flick in the franchise, Clown Motel 3 and this movie has absolutely nothing to do with his movies. There is a lawsuit pending and is all I can say further about that. Really, a b-budget horror flick, a woman in a towel, and no boobs? The cast in this abomination is absolutely wasted including Tobin Bell and Richard Grieco. I am not saying either are complete A-listers but Grieco can act every now and then and Bell became a household name after the Saw movies stormed onto the scene. And I have no idea how they conned Randy Couture into this since he buddies up with the Expendables. The script alone should've warned off any actor since the story is so plain stupid. Absolutely nothing happens aside from occasional squabbles over who owns the land. There isn't much horror and it is only comical because you are laughing at it. So quick recap, this has nothing to do with another Clown Motel franchise out there so please differentiate them by looking for Joseph Kelly's name on IMDB. And while you are at it, avoid this movie unless you are having a tough time sleeping since the first hour is coma-inducing boredom. Also known as The Curse of the Clown Motel. I am going to just leave it at that.

Justwatch isn't turning up anything for this particular version as of 5.05.24.

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