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Craving (2023)

Updated: Sep 10

My quick rating - 3.6/10. The action is absolutely cringe in this one. Acting is about on the same level as well. I really don't like when movies of this caliber try to play it seriously since they lose all ability to be entertaining. Felissa Rose is always a welcome addition to a horror flick and as usual, is the highlight. Those are my random thoughts during the flick. As far as the story goes, it isn't the worst setup I have seen before. After a drug deal goes south, four heroin addicts barricade themselves in a country bar as the cops close in. Or whatever type of law enforcement they were supposed to be. Withdrawal sets in, further complicating their hostage situation, while a secret one of them is hiding could destroy them all. Aside from Frenzy (Ashley Undercuffler) the hostage crew is entirely forgettable however her character is quite fun. After the setup occurs, the rest is as slow as molasses to get to the horror element. I will admit that for a low-budget affair, J. Horton was able to use some creative camera work and practical effects to at least keep the last half-hour worth watching. The gore effects got hidden most of the time by editing so something would be heard happening then we would be treated to a pile of entrails leftovers or whatever blood pulp fit the supposed organ being attacked. This doesn't mean run and find this one since it is nowhere near what the IMDB reviews are leading you to believe (luckily the top message points out they worked on the production.) The entire production just shouldn't have ever tried to be a serious flick. It just seems they figured that out after the credits since during the movie, the background score is completely out of place trying to make silly scenes completely tense. The monster, which is hardly explained at all, is a mixed bag to be viewed. It is really campy-looking yet effective. Then again, I am a big Troma fan so cheesy appearances like this one are not unexpected for me to have a slight bias towards. As with any film of this magnitude, we are treated to a sequel lead-in. I don't expect one so you can be assured there will be. And I know myself so I'll give it a watch when it happens. There was a nice bonus of the during-credits fun that finally embraced the campy nature of the film that I wish the whole movie would've stuck with. That free link below is about all I can recommend.

Only a few streamers to check this one out including Tubi for free.

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