Cyst (2020)

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My quick rating - 5,2/10. I assume just gazing at that cover will tell you right away if this one is up your alley. This is a very purposely cheeseball flick about a crazed doctor who wants to invent a special "cyst" removal tool at any cost. On his head nurse's (Eva Habermann) last day of work, due to the fact she insisted she would quit if the doctor (George Hardy) ever tried to use the thing again. She was a test subject once but that is just a side story that isn't bothered with. And in his attempt to appease the board that approves such things he ends up creating a "cyst" monster that is hungry and ready to devour anyone it comes in contact with. Ok, so now do you know if you are in the target audience for this one? If not, I will say the cast is a varied array of characters that have their little quirks to indulge the dark humor that is the focal point here, not any attempts at horror per see. The director (Tyler Russell) has no qualms about going all out for the gore and those lovely gastrointestinal, squishy sounds that a movie such as this needs. It is thrown on pretty heavy for sure so I wouldn't suggest eating during this one. Definitely goes by nice and quick at a brisk 69 minutes and I think it would've made a great episode for "Creepshow" since I do believe cutting it down would've been possible more than adding extra time to it. Either way, for what it is, it was a fun little movie that certainly won't be winning any awards but might just stick with you for a while.

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