Dard Divorce (2007)

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My quick rating - 4,1/10. Turn the damn musical score down so we can hear the characters talking. The sound editor of this movie is the one who should be brutally tortured. I was really close to giving this movie a pass on the sheer gore alone but there are some really inexcusable issues with this. We have a fairly straightforward and predictable plot with an alcoholic mother in the midst of a divorce proceeding where her husband, kids, and a bunch of money mysteriously go missing. The first and second problem is the mother who is a horrible actress to start. That along with a very thick German accent that often makes her very difficult to understand what she is saying. Then again, if you are looking at that cover and were thinking "I wonder how the acting is?", I think there may be something wrong with your train of thought. You are only watching this movie, for one thing, the completely unfiltered violence. The star of the show entirely. And it usually was wrapped around a "feel" good moment where our heroine has disposed of the threat and survived. Wrapping a plot, even if it is obvious where it is going, was a good excuse to keep you watching to see to what levels Olaf Ittenbach would go to next. I have to say this is up there in that department so if you have a weak stomach, stay far away. If you are like me and actually enjoy these types of bloodfests, it should be put on your list. After all, the torture is out of the way, and there is plenty of it, the makers even through a bit of a twist at us. The biggest problem is the first thing I pointed out. You could not hear a single word of the big reveal at all. The music was way too loud during that scene, along with a few other ones throughout, where it completely drowned out the voices. So if you don't mind being in the dark or a stupid titled movie and want to gross someone out this #shocktober, well, here you go. But you have been warned.

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