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Darkgame (2024)

My quick rating - 5.2/10. A determined detective is racing against time to stop a twisted game show on the dark web, where captives are forced to compete for their lives. Just to let everyone know, there are no "video feeds" such as this on the dark web due to bandwidth limitations and your data being routed to locations all over the planet. But if you put that piece of actual information aside the flick presents an intriguing premise. While the concept holds promise for a gripping thriller, the film falls short of fully capitalizing on its potential. First, let me reiterate a glaring inaccuracy: the portrayal of live video feeds on the dark web. The depiction of such feeds is far-fetched due to technical limitations and security measures. Despite this oversight, it still attempts to immerse you in its high-stakes narrative. The film's strengths lie in its portrayal of police investigation scenes, which exude professionalism and authenticity. However, other aspects of the film suffer from inconsistency, particularly in maintaining tension throughout. At times, the suspense is plausible, drawing us deeper into the mystery, but these moments are offset by lulls in pacing and ineffective execution of key scenes. Despite these shortcomings, it still manages to offer mild entertainment for those willing to suspend disbelief. The cat-and-mouse dynamics between the detective and the perpetrators provide some intrigue, while the premise itself holds promise for exploration of darker themes. The flick has its moments of suspense and intrigue, but the inconsistencies and factual inaccuracies hinder its overall impact. Everything was just so mediocre and never rose up to being more than that. The acting was not worth complaining nor applauding. I could say the same about most aspects of the whole movie. So if you take that into consideration and think about all the garbage that gets released, it ends up being an accomplishment. Nevertheless, for anyone seeking a mildly entertaining thriller, it may offer a diversionary experience.

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