Demigod (2021)

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My quick rating - 4,6/10. It is the old demons who want to go on a forest hunt for witches' routine. The movie is presented in two ways. The night scenes in the forest of Germany (Mississippi, but why split hairs) and the day scenes. I point that out because it felt like two completely different filmmakers for each extreme. The night scenes are wonderfully shot and have a creepy atmosphere trapping you in. But then the day scenes are filled with pointless dialogue and static shots that drag out a 95-minute flick. After the passing of a woman's grandfather (Rachel Nichols), she and her hubby (Yohance Myles) head back to her birthplace in Germany where he left all of his worldly possessions for her. But in the forest awaits something sinister. The folklore in this one is so convoluted that my initial line to this sounds silly and that is because it is. They stumble into some spirit that wants to have a hunt for humans in some bizarro game. The two mentioned actors do fine in their roles, for this movie that is but the remaining characters that they run across are borderline ridiculous. Except for the little girl, she seemed genuinely afraid at times and others like she was in on that whole thing. This movie needed plenty of convincing to make it believable. I found the shift back and forth distracting and I was shaking my head after quite a few scenes wondering "why?". I doubt this is rooted in any form of tales from anywhere and if so, those campfires must've been pretty boring. It is a competent effort in the actual filming just a silly story that was way too uneven for me to enjoy.

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