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Die Hart 2: Die Harter (2024)

My quick rating - 4.6/10. To nobody's surprise, this flick follows the same formula as its predecessor, but unfortunately, it doesn’t quite manage to improve upon it. In this meta-action sequel, Kevin Hart plays a heightened version of himself, embarking on a daring mission to cement his legacy as the greatest action star by planning an innovative film filled with unscripted, unexpected scenes. However, things take a turn for the worse when a blind spot in his plan leads him to fall victim to a vengeful plot from his past. The film boasts a large budget, and it shows in the production value and action sequences. The stunts are impressive and well-executed, providing some genuine thrills and showcasing the potential of Hart's vision for groundbreaking action. These sequences are a highlight and offer a glimpse into what the film could have achieved if the rest of the elements were equally strong. Unfortunately, the comedy is a mixed bag. While Hart is known for his comedic prowess, the humor in this film is very hit or miss, with more misses than hits. Many of the jokes feel forced and fall flat, lacking the sharpness and wit that fans have come to expect from him. The comedic timing often seems off, and the script doesn’t provide enough solid material for Hart and the supporting cast to work with. The storyline, while intriguing in its premise, is undermined by a disjointed plot that struggles to maintain coherence and engagement. The twist involving a vengeful plot from Hart's past adds a layer of complexity, but it fails to deliver the impact necessary to elevate the tired story. The result is a film that feels directionless and lacks the tight pacing needed to keep the audience invested. The supporting cast, including Nathalie Emmanuel and John Cena, deliver fun performances given the material. Their chemistry with Hart offers some entertaining moments, but these are not enough to save the film from its overall shortcomings. In conclusion, I would have to say Die Harter offers some decent action sequences proportional to its large budget, but it fails to deliver on the comedy front, making it a frustrating experience for fans of Kevin Hart and action-comedy enthusiasts. Despite the occasional entertaining moment, it ultimately falls flat and is likely to be a forgettable entry in Hart's filmography.

Looks like Amazon Prime is the only streamer for this atm.

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