Don't Let Her In (2021)

Updated: Oct 23

My quick rating - 4,9/10. Always good to see Full Moon Features and speaking of, click the link and pick it up for yourself, or any of their other stuff!! And Ted Nicolaou directed as well, not only the mention on the poster but Terrorvision among other Full Moon flix. Ok, that pandering was from last night, now the movie. I don't want to slam it too much since I think there is one thing very obvious here. This was made in a massive rush to pump out "something" for Halloween. The whole movie just feels very restrained by time. The story itself has been done so there isn't much original to a new roommate who happens to be in league with some demon trying to take over her coinhabitants. But the casting here was so hit or miss and since there are only 4 people to worry about you don't want to be a miss on any of them. I thought Lorin Doctor as the new evil roommate did a great job in this, while the old boyfriend/demonic counterpart Austin James Parker was awful. He shows up to try and retrieve some relic to stop Doctor from taking over the world, as he puts it. All we get to really see is she wants to sacrifice an unborn child, which it seems she somehow implanted into Kelly Curran, the existing dweller of this loft-type place. The effects are hokey but in a fun way so I can put that aside. I suppose I would be an ass and not mention the boyfriend Cole Pendery who does an adequate job for the role he has. At least that way I don't single out one person in a 4 person acting crew. The sound in this does a decent job setting up a creepy feel around the place especially when Doctor sort of dematerializes out of the room after seductions take place. I have to say the whole thing grew on me in its whopping 60 minutes on the dot runtime. I kind of wish they gave Nicolaou some more time and a little bit of funding to finish whatever story he had going here. Either way, it is running on Full Moons subscription service if you are interested. They got it out for #shocktober for that reason alone, I am sure.


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