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Don't Suck (2023)

My quick rating - 4.8/10. I am always hoping Jamie Kennedy will make another flick close to as funny as Malibu's Most Wanted. This flick presents a promising premise with a veteran comedian, played by Kennedy, seeking his last shot at stardom. Teamed up with a young comic, played completely deadpan by Matt Rife, their journey turns unexpectedly when secrets from the past come to light. Kennedy's return to the big screen sparks nostalgia for his comedic prowess, such as the mentioned MMW and a few of the Tremors flix. While this film doesn't quite reach the same comedic heights, it delivers laughs and surprises along the way. Its strength lies in exploring the dynamic between the seasoned comedian and his younger counterpart. As they navigate the challenges of the comedy circuit, audiences are treated to both humorous and heartfelt moments. But what sets the flick apart is its funny vampire elements, injecting a unique twist into the traditional buddy comedy formula. These moments add a refreshing layer of humor to the film, keeping viewers engaged and entertained. The way Rife delivers his jokes and how he handles being a vampire like it is so common for vampires to be roaming around really helps stick the humor. While it may not be a comedic masterpiece, it still offers an enjoyable ride with plenty of laughs and a touch of vampire charm. Jamie Kennedy fans will appreciate his return to form, and newcomers will find a comedy worth sinking their teeth into. I am aware I stole that tagline from I believe Vamp is the first I recall but it has been used countless times since.

You can check this one out on Amazon among these other streamers.

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