Ex Machina (2014)

My quick rating 7,9/10. A very well-made movie that tackles a few interesting subjects. This philosophical approach to "what makes us "human" and how would you react if you could just be "turned off" are a couple of deep subjects that are touched upon. This does lead to a slightly plodding pace at times since each part is very well written and often gives the viewers a moment or two to seriously consider what had just been said. The story involves a study for a man (who won his way into this test) to test a robot that has AI that simulates a human brain in rational thought and self-awareness. Other movies have touched upon this subject (Blade Runner, anyone?) but this is more of a closed environment to demonstrate how the robot will react, and also does take ample time to show how the human male will respond as well. The acting is spot on and not overdone, but just has a very real feel to it. Alicia Vikander (who plays the robot, Ava) gives a stand-out performance conveying her emotions through extremely subtle eye movement and limited facial expression. A very well-made flick that should be seen by sci-fi fans along with those that appreciate a real thinking person's story. Also a big thumbs up to the special effects department as everything looks so fluid and believable (though you know it is CGI). All around a treat for all. And one thing about revisiting these reviews is noticing what happens after. Alicia Vikander who plays the android love interest in this flick went on to take the role of Lara Croft in the reboot of Tomb Raider. Enjoy.

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