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Exit Humanity (2011)

Updated: 3 days ago

My quick rating - 5,9/10. Fans of Zombie movies should read this. It will not be what you are expecting. Yes there are zombies, and yes they get shot....but this movie is so much more than that. This flick is completely character driven and the plot is so much more than a zombie flick. Set just after the civil war an unlikely couple ends up trying to save one dude's sister. This movie looks incredible, and the scenes really caught me off guard. The acting is excellent for unknowns for sure. Acting comments in a zombie movie? Absolutely since it is warranted. At times it dragged but for very good reasons. Brutal movie to rate since this really isn't anything I expected. As a horror fan, I may have not liked it, but as a fan of film, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I give kudos to the makers of this movie for coming up with something so new to this genre and I expect to see very good things from this group very soon. IMDB 5.2 (way too low) Pls enjoy from whichever option you prefer. I checked on director John Geddes and between him and a couple of other crew members, I have about 6 movies of theirs sitting in the endless void called New Releases which I suppose I should get to.

Streaming on Amazon or renting from Google, Youtube, or the more expensive AppleTV by a dollar.

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