Fall (2022)

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My quick rating - 6,3/10. Almost forgot about this one. And it didn't take me long to say "F%*k that!!!!" watching what these girls are doing. As you would expect, this does start out with a quick scene explaining our characters and why one of them is very afraid of climbing again. But that was on the side of a mountain. This best friend's bright idea is to climb 2000 feet up a radio tower (which is modeled after an actual structure in Walnut Grove, California). But the KXTV/KOVR probably frowns about people climbing up it so this isn't filmed on location LOL. However, it sure looks scary as hell anyways in scene after scene making you wonder if these women are insane or just seriously fear nothing. Both Grace Caroline Currey and Virginia Gardner do admirable jobs acting this one through and without them being believable the whole thing would've fallen apart. Definitely, one to check out in 3-D IMAX if you had the chance assuming you want to feel that sick to your stomach dizzy feeling. OK, quick thing that bothered me. I am no pro climber BUT I don't see how two people tethered to each other and nothing else climbing vertically up a 2000-foot ladder is safe in the slightest. When I watch free climbing, I always see the people attached to one another and also anchoring themselves to the actual mountain. These two are not once attached to any part of the structure, just each other. Ok, I am done with that part, so the movie itself does a very good job of creating tension especially since they reach the top rather quickly. This also leads to part of the downfall since there is only so much you can do with that scenario. I will admit that the makers here do bring up a couple of nice ideas to keep you entertained during this, I just felt like it was fluff to make length. Visually entertaining fluff though and worth checking out if you think you can stomach it. Click the poster to check it out on Amazon.

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