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Freeze (2022)

Updated: 7 days ago

My quick rating - 4,9/10. All I needed to read was "H.P. Lovecraft goes Arctic!" for me to drop this one on the tube. Oh boy, the creatures are bad. Some kind of fish people it appears to be although it really looks like some Halloween store quality costumes. As silly as they look, it is effective for them being minions for a greater evil that is going on. It would have been easy to get distracted by the goofy creatures but as you continue watching the movie does dive deeper into Lovecraft territory. Luckily I don't give up on movies right away (or ever once i hit play) since the story itself picks up from being a standard creature feature. I thought this seemed similar to a story I read and then a character literally just said "They lost themselves in these mountains of madness" which is a clear reference to the "At the Mountains of Madness" story. The scenery for this was pretty impressive considering it is supposed to be artic. Nothing looked like green screen stuff but actually outdoors in a remote snow covered environment. The cave, eh, not as much. But as I said, it really felt like it fit into the mythos that Lovecraft is known for. You can tell that writer/director Charlie Steeds has read a fair amount of his stuff to bring this story into that realm. But I am aware that this isn't going to be for everyone since it really is going to be based on your appreciation for Lovecraft. If you are outside of that group, you will probably be dropping this far lower than I have. Unfortunately for the horror aspects, you get skimped out on the kills and the gore. The cast is basically unknowns as far as I could tell but they but on decent performances for what they were given. It gets a bit murky at times flipping between the not so terrifying creatures and the crew possibly going insane. Then again, they chose to get off the ship as opposed to fighting the little amphibious monsters in the first place when the boat got caught in the ice, so I think they were a bit crazy to begin with. Maybe that part should be at the beginning. Oh well, that is what happens when I write as I watch, and then come back and finish the review up.

Amazon and a few others have this at $3.99.

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