Gemini (2017)

Updated: Oct 24

My quick rating - 4,5/10. Let shuffle pick one before #shocktober starts. And it starts out quite good. Acting by Zöe Kravitz as a famous paranoid for no reason actress and her starstruck assistant Lola Kirke really sucked me into the story. Quality performances can do that but then abruptly our murder occurs and the director decided to chuck out the good setup and turn the rest of the movie into a snoozefest. The overused gimmick of the assistant gets questioned for the murder of the boss and goes on the run to hunt down the killer theme is fine as long as it leads somewhere. But 90 minutes later you get an ending that pisses you off and not in a good "makes you think" way. The whole attempts at solving the crime are tedious at best and really never lead anywhere as Kirke just bumbles around L.A. chasing clues she can remember from the night Kravitz was killed. The setup was fine since they both handled the gun and it finally was left in the hands of Kravitz. I just don't get why they started down a good crime noir path to only take a left turn down the mundane Lifetime movie road that this ended up traveling for 3/4 of the flick. Too bad really since I was enjoying the acting and where it could've gone. My guess is they never hashed out the whole story up front and pieced this together on the fly.


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