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Griselda: Season 1 (2024)

My quick rating - 6.5/10. Sofia Vergara plays the lead character Griselda Blanco and we follow her dramatized journey from Medellín to becoming "the Godmother" of Miami's drug empire. Seeing her act outside of Modern Family is refreshing and, to be honest, she is pretty damn good here. I really wish I had gotten a heads up that this is about 80-20% Spanish speaking, not because I have anything against foreign or subtitled flix, but I need to prepare accordingly since these old eyes cannot take constant reading. There are multiple writers involved so I'll say director Andrés Baiz paced this one out fairly well and although I think her story would've made a better movie, this was still a captivating look at this woman's role in the drug trade for 70s/80s Miami. The show captures the vicious and brutal nature that she took in ridding herself of any opposition and why she held such a prominent role for so long. As a whole it is very well made and the continuity for the time looked authentic. All the bit players did a good job in keeping the whole feel true to life. And if you wanted to see Vergara kiss a woman or two, you'll get that as well. A definite for crime fans but it won't appeal much if you have little interest in the whole mafia and narcotic trade content.

This show is currently streaming on Netflix.

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