Harmony (2022)

My quick rating - 2,9/10. That was one of the longest 72 minutes I have ever had the (dis)pleasure of watching. Marili Kateri plays Sophia who is a soldier that is injured during some future civil war battle? The question mark is due to the lack of explanation of why she was fighting and what is going on. But in flashbacks, we can gather that her arm was severely wounded and needed to be replaced with a robotic arm, which is the only reason I am labeling this #scifi because it isn't horror or action which is where Plex put it. The whole robot arm thing is not explored at all, no point in even being in the story itself but more or less just an actress wearing a glove to appear like it is robotic. The movie is microbudget but it isn't a restraint in the film, it just has no bearing on the plot. They did actually work within their budget well enough to keep things looking realistic minus when out of the lab. Then they appeared to be at your buddy Joe's second-floor apartment. I think the entire plot of what is going on between the flashbacks, and the institute where these soldiers are being kept sounded far better in the filmmaker's head than it came out on celluloid. Because the way it ended up was just a very muddled mess with a complete anti-climax. Maybe with a bit more direction and a sit-down with the screenwriter, they could've gone somewhere with this but as it ended I was left wondering what was the point.

#scifi #jackmeatsflix

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