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Hidden Strike (2023)

Updated: Sep 5

My quick rating - 5.8/10. Always been a huge fan of Jackie Chan long before he made it over to the USA with Rumble in the Bronx. Unfortunately, I can't see John Cena so not sure how he is LOL. This flick attempts to take the concept of adrenaline-pumping action to new heights, delivering a high-octane experience that's almost reminiscent of a comic book brought to life. With a unique pairing and relentless action sequences, it almost accomplishes what it set out to do, almost. Set against the backdrop of a China-run oil refinery under attack in war-torn Mosul, Iraq, Hidden Strike weaves a tale of chaos, valor, and unexpected alliances. The story kicks into high gear when a seemingly straightforward mission to extract oil workers spirals into a battle against a gang of oil-thirsty thieves. The unexpected hero of the tale is a Chinese private security contractor (Chan), whose martial prowess and strategic brilliance are brought to life by an impressive performance. He soon discovers that the attackers harbor grander ambitions of stealing an oil fortune, and he must join forces with an American former Marine (Cena) to end their nefarious plans. I thought I would point out which was which, in case you couldn't figure it out by my definition LOL. The film's strength lies in its epic portrayal of action. Each sequence is a symphony of chaos and choreography, drenched in a comic book-like aesthetic that amplifies the visual spectacle. Scott Waugh's ability to transform seemingly ordinary moments into heart-pounding, larger-than-life showdowns is commendable. From intense firefights to daring chases, the action is a force to be reckoned with, keeping viewers glued to their seats in anticipation of what comes next. I am looking forward to what he directs for us with Expendables 4. The chemistry between Chan and Cena is a pleasant surprise as they play off each other comedically throughout their mistrust of one another. Their contrasting backgrounds and personalities create an engaging dynamic beyond clichés, giving the narrative an added layer of depth. As their partnership evolves from skepticism to mutual respect, the camaraderie adds emotional weight to the action-packed proceedings. While the film delivers in terms of sheer entertainment, there are moments when the plot takes a backseat to the explosions and combat. Some characters could have been better developed, and certain plot twists feel slightly contrived. However, these minor shortcomings are eclipsed by the film's overall energy and excitement. If you're seeking a wild ride that combines over-the-top action with an unexpected buddy duo, this film is undoubtedly worth a watch. Admittedly I was hoping for better being a fan of each since the plot left a bit to be desired but it was still fun.

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