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I Saw The Tv Glow (2024)

My quick rating - 4.5/10. This is a film that intrigues with its premise but ultimately falters in execution. The poster promises a mesmerizing experience, and indeed, the movie does draw you in with its fascinating setup and atmospheric tension. Unfortunately, it leaves you hanging with a conclusion that feels abrupt and unsatisfying. The film's strength lies in its coming-of-age narrative. Teenager Owen (Justice Smith) played with vulnerability and naivety, navigates the trials of suburban life. His journey takes a surreal turn when a classmate introduces him to a mysterious late-night TV show, revealing a supernatural world that lurks beneath their mundane existence. This aspect of the film is handled with a delicate touch, capturing the confusion and excitement of adolescence. Brigette Lundy-Paine as Maddy acts this one with a touch of goth curiosity that is fitting for the role. The cinematography and production design deserve a mention. The eerie glow of the television screen and the unsettling ambiance create a visually compelling experience which is highlighted when the television shows are played. However, the horror elements, which should have been the backbone of the film, are a massive letdown. The scares are non-existent, and the tension dissipates as the plot progresses. What starts as a promising dive into the unknown ends up feeling more like a shallow paddling pool of clichés and missed opportunities. Mediocre acting further undermines the film's impact. While the young cast brings a genuine effort, their performances often fall flat, failing to evoke the necessary emotional depth. The symbolism, intended to add layers of meaning, is painted on too thickly, rendering it heavy-handed and obvious rather than subtle and thought-provoking. It is a well-made film that suffers from its own ambition. The coming-of-age storyline is compelling and earns the majority of the film's score. However, the horror elements disappoint, and the overall execution does not live up to the initial promise. Despite the hype, this movie ends up being a missed opportunity, more style than substance. If you’re drawn in by the premise, be prepared for a film that doesn’t fully deliver on its potential.

Amazon along with these streamers have this one for theater pricing as of 7.01.24.

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