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In A Violent Nature (2024)

My quick rating - 6.3/10. This flick delves into the dark allure of the undead with a fresh perspective, making it a welcome entry for me in the slasher genre. The film's plot revolves around the resurrection of a monstrous entity after a locket is removed from its resting place in a collapsed fire tower. This act unleashes a series of brutal killings in a remote wilderness, setting the stage for an iconic new killer. I immediately noticed the unique approach to storytelling. Unlike traditional slasher films that focus heavily on the victims and their futile attempts to escape, this flick shifts the narrative to the killer's perspective. This decision keeps the audience's attention firmly on the antagonist, enhancing the sense of dread as we follow his every move. The victims, often engaged in typical slasher film activities, serve more as a backdrop to the killer's relentless pursuit, adding a layer of realism to the unfolding horror. The cinematography deserves commendation, particularly the forest scenes. The filmmakers use the wilderness setting to their advantage, creating an eerie atmosphere that amplifies the tension. The camera work effectively captures the isolation and unpredictability of the forest, making it an integral part of the narrative. Simple yet effective. Even with all this good, it is not without its flaws. Do I need to bother mentioning acting in this type of movie? The ending feels somewhat forced as if the creators weren't entirely sure how to wrap up the story. This leads to an obligatory sequel setup, which might leave some viewers feeling unsatisfied. Despite this, the pacing remains consistent throughout, ensuring that the audience stays engaged from start to finish. For slasher movie enthusiasts, In a Violent Nature offers a refreshing take on the genre. Its focus on the killer combined with absolutely brutal kills makes this one a horror fan treat. While it may not be perfect, it certainly stands out for its distinctive approach and atmospheric tension, so check it out. For a first full-length flick from writer/director Chris Nash I think we see there are good things to come in the future and I am looking forward to what is next.

You can check this one out for matinee prices on Amazon along with these streamers.

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