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It's a Wonderful Knife (2023)

My quick rating - 6.7/10. I was happy to see this film deliver a thrilling and inventive twist on the classic holiday tale, plunging you into a nightmarish parallel universe where the horrors of Christmas past return with a vengeance. Following her heroic deeds in saving her town from a psychotic killer on Christmas Eve, Winnie (Jane Widdop) finds herself grappling with the harsh reality that her life is far from wonderful. When a moment of despair leads her to wish she was never born, she's unexpectedly transported to a twisted alternate reality where the psychotic killer reigns supreme once again. The film expertly weaves elements of suspense, fantasy, and dark humor as Winnie teams up with a misfit (Justin Long) to navigate this treacherous new world and uncover the identity of the culprit behind the murderous rampage. The chemistry between the characters adds depth and charm to the story, keeping you invested in their journey and giving a crap if they live or die. Also, this above-average cast included Joel McHale as the father and the insanely underrated Katharine Isabelle who not only consistently overachieves in her performances but plays a character named Gale Prescott which can not be some coincidence LOL. This flick excels in its ability to subvert expectations while paying homage to its holiday-themed roots. The parallel universe serves as a chilling backdrop for the intense showdown between Winnie and the villain, with each twist and turn keeping you on the edge of your seats for once. Michael T. Kennedy wrote us a script that will leave you wondering just how it will finish off.

While the film's premise may seem familiar, its execution is anything but predictable. Clever writing and strong performances elevate the story, delivering a satisfying blend of thrills and heartwarming moments that director Tyler MacIntyre captures with a keen eye. In the end, this film proved to be a holiday treat at a time when I could really use it and was a welcome breath of fresh air in a somewhat stagnant year for horror. If you missed it this year, make sure to add it on next years Xmas watchlist.

Amazon along with several other streamers have this one.

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