Keeping Company (2021)

My quick rating - 4,8/10. Attempts to tick all the boxes for a dark comedy. Succeeds in touching upon them but doesn't really excel in any of them. This flick is a low-budget story of two oddball insurance salesmen that through an ordinary set of circumstances (the description makes it out to be a hell of a lot more than it actually is) end up hostages for some suburban family. Where the rest of that goes is into spoiler territory so I'll leave the synopsis alone. The acting is decent for what they are attempting to be which is all very unique and over-exaggerated. The whole underlying knock on consumerism, specifically insurance, is blatant and poorly done. If you are going to hit it, do a lot more with the idea of pointing out all the flaws far better than this one swung at. The humor starts off innocent enough with one of the mains being a bit slow while the other is the alpha (in his mind) and uses that for his witty banter and incredibly evil sales pitches. Along those lines are a couple of commercials spoofs they slip in that actually was quite funny. It rolled by fairly quickly although I was working so maybe that helped speed it along. I would say they missed on any of the horror aspects miserably even though the Jacob Grodnik as the creepy homeowner where our salesmen are kept did a very good job. But where they were going needed a lot more oomph. Maybe some gore, or some form of tension. These were things I thought could've easily been blended in that they just left out. Then again, as I type this since it just ended, they left out wrapping up a couple of things. Not the worst thing out there to stream but it won't be a memorable viewing you'll be telling your friends about. Unless mediocre movies are a hot topic for your water cooler convos.

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