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Kill Shot (2023)

Updated: Sep 9

My quick rating - 3.9/10. Posing as hunters, a group of terrorists is in search of $100 million, that was stolen and lost in a plane crash en route from Afghanistan. Oh, the fighting in this is awful. Great ass on chick (Rachel Cook) which they make damn sure to focus on quite a few times completely on purpose. You know, the walk out of the tent in only your panties for no reason while on a hunting trip. And the ending has the nerve to set up a sequel LOL. Ok, I'll actually say this flick promised a high-octane thrill ride with its premise of terrorists disguised as hunters searching for a lost fortune, but unfortunately, it falls flat on multiple fronts. While the film attempts to deliver action and suspense, it ultimately struggles with poorly executed fight sequences, gratuitous objectification, and a lackluster script. The film centers around a group of terrorists on the hunt for a stolen $100 million that vanished in a plane crash while en route from Afghanistan. This premise had the potential to be an engaging cat-and-mouse game, but the film failed to capitalize on it. The action scenes are lackluster and poorly choreographed, leaving audiences disconnected from the supposed intensity of the chase. One glaring issue is the gratuitous focus on a female character's physical appearance. While I am all for appreciating the female body's aesthetics, Ari Novak seemed more interested in showcasing the character's curves than in developing her as a meaningful part of the story. Moments like that needless tent exit in lingerie undermine any attempt at portraying a strong and well-rounded character, instead objectifying her for the male gaze. Furthermore, the dialogue comes across as uninspired and at times, cringe-worthy. Snappy one-liners and clever banter are largely absent, robbing the film of the wit and charm that could have provided some redemption amidst the weak action. The characters lack depth, making it difficult for audiences to invest emotionally in their struggles. Basically, all of the actors were just extras minus Xian Mikol who could've been the foe to keep an eye on had they not wasted her as well. And while I am picking disappointing aspects, I have to mention its ending. Rather than providing a satisfying conclusion, the film shamelessly sets up a potential sequel, leaving you more frustrated than intrigued. It's clear that the filmmakers were more concerned with franchise potential than delivering a complete and engaging story in this installment. Unless significant improvements are made, any potential sequel would likely face an uphill battle in winning over audiences disappointed by this lackluster offering. The entire flick just felt like TV movie quality from back in the network days.

Justwatch has a few streamers for this including Amazon if you are still interested.

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