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Los Habitantes (2023)

My quick rating - 4.7/10. Luckily I finally got glasses so I can read these subtitles for this Spanish horror flick. Emiliano (Jorge Luis Moreno) returns to Monterrey after his accident, only to find himself face-to-face with the ghosts of his new life. I am just going to say those automated roll-over pool covers are NOT airtight. For an everyday thriller, rating-wise, it isn't something I would bother with reading again and this is subtitled only as far as I saw. This flick starts off on the right path with a couple good scares but the main problem is they alluded to what was going on WAY too early in the movie so the big payoff twist towards the end is something you most likely have figured out in the first 15 minutes. They use some flashback scenes to build the tension and further explain the 5-year gap in memory that Emiliano has after his car accident. Moreno gives a good performance in both time frames so it doesn't lose any points due to his acting. But the whole thing doesn't gain any points for execution. This was an average made-for-TV movie at best with a plot that wasn't fully fleshed out for a full-length movie. If writer/director Homero Bueno had put more effort into concealing the true nature of this movie, it could've been more successful since his ability behind the lens captured some well-laid out scenes. However, this ghost story just ended up being a mediocre affair for me. It isn't anything to complain about at all just nothing I felt any connection with when it ended.

According to Justwatch something called Vix is the only streamer with this one.

Los Habitantes (2023) #jackmeatsflix
Los Habitantes (2023)
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