Lost At War (2007)

Updated: Sep 24

My quick rating - 5,2/10. Never heard of this one and just was spotted so may as well hit it right away. I caught the first line of the synopsis and it mentioned Twilight Zone which is right on target as this definitely has that type of feel. The main character actually just said, "I have seen every episode of the Twilight Zone a thousand times but I never expected to end up in one." Ted Prior who plays the captain was right about that as he lead his platoon on a mission that has all the soldiers questioning just who the enemy actually is. If you are a fan of that show or others like it that present you with scenarios that have multiple meanings as to why they are occurring, you will definitely enjoy this one. It is clearly limited by budget but does a good job making up for it with a well-written story. As a movie though, there really isn't enough to it to separate itself from a myriad of episodes I have seen before and it also doesn't have enough to the story to escalate it further past being a good TV episode. Acting wise the players were fine but a couple of them sounded too much like they were just reading off the script. Keep in mind, this is almost entirely talking about what is going on and flashbacks of the main characters in what may have gotten them into this predicament. I will say that when the credits roll, you are left wondering what the true point of this was. Not in a bad way, just that all the clues are presented throughout in the background scenes but it is creatively left alone enough to not spell it out for you. As someone who enjoys putting a little brainpower into my viewing, I enjoyed it. You can as well for free on TubiTV.

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