Madres (2021)

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My quick rating - 4,4/10. I am very glad Amazon didn't give me this one to review for them. Telling the truth may have cost me my gift card payment lol. Wow, was this slow as can be. Just the pacing is torturous. **May contain spoilers*** Billing this as horror is some strange ploy from Amazon during #shocktober to get viewers since it is far from that. The movie does start out with a seeming lead into the supernatural when a married couple (which didn't come off as married in the slightest) move into a new town and believe the place is cursed. There are a few ghost sightings with a woman warning of what could happen to their soon-to-be-born child but then it shifts gears entirely. The true story this is based on is terrifying enough just to read about. I know the practice of Eugenics is a very real thing, and this use that was being perpetrated back in the 1970s in southern California is what this ends up being about. But as I said, calling it horror it is not at all. The main point gets so muddled up between the visions the mother (Jennifer Patino) is having and the reality of what the director set out to jump on the soapbox about. But the symptoms she is having may not be caused by some demons or the like, but more the disgusting practice that Nazis were using way back then. Remove those organs, and those immigrants won't be able to reproduce. Throughout this, the ghost is warning her of something, but you don't even get to find out until the text rolls on what the point of it actually was. I think they should have just either made a documentary about the subject or made a horror movie that slightly referenced it. This just got confused in between. Still, a professional enough-looking flick with some decent performances, even if as a couple they looked so forced.

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