Masked Avenger Versus Ultra-Villain In The Lair Of The Naked Bikini (2000)

Updated: Oct 24

My quick rating - 3,8/10. I think you know damn well the title roped me into watching this one. This flick wants to be a Japanese Nippon-like movie in the worst possible way. Same bizarre sense of humor, along with exaggerated gore which doesn't come close to what the Japanese will throw at us. The story itself is about a nun who is kidnapped by a bad guy to mate and her brother, the masturbating gunman must come to save her. Now just keep in mind what this is attempting to emulate and you will soon realize that every aspect of that plot is taken to the extreme so you will be getting plenty of boob shots, a truckload of milk to be sprayed around substituted for another white liquid lol, and the masterful talent of finding missing women by sniffing their soiled panties. Suffice it to say, this is 90 minutes of constant attempts to point out the unrated nature without ever really doing any justice to "Rapeman" which this movie clearly is imitating. The scenes do not go over the top and therefore don't feel as weird or cult-like but more inside jokes are being recorded. I am sure my rating is on the higher side due to watching the movies it is paying homage to and appreciating them. If you don't fall into that category who enjoy movies like "Splatter: Naked Blood" then I don't think this one is for you.


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