No One Gets Out Alive (2021)

Updated: Oct 28

My quick rating - 5,5/10. Netflix again. Seems a trend which is fine. I really liked the atmosphere of this movie. It isn't particularly pleasant but it is very effective. Cristina Rodlo plays an immigrant that shows up in Cleveland and finds herself stuck moving into a boarding house. That immediately already is a problem but something far more sinister than rats and bad wiring is going on in this place. Heck, when you see it from the exterior, the building just has "nightmare" written all over it. The acting in this is well above average for a horror movie that narrowly slips out of thriller due to a constant disturbing feeling throughout and a very memorable ending. Along with Rodlo, Phil Robertson as the property manager is just done so well that the build for the characters keeps you interested even when the story seems to be slowly building into something much larger. There is absolutely no way I can go much more into the plot without spoilers. I would say go into this without reading up any more than the synopsis (and this review of course) and you will be surprised with what is truly going on. The scares are minimal but when they arrive, effective. Apparently, this one is a book as well so I assume there is more to this story. As it is, it does a good job of being interesting and also seems to be pushing a bit of a message of how difficult it is for immigrant workers in the USA. It may have just been part of the plot, but I am sure the message was also being conveyed for a reason. Either way, this one ended up being an entertaining horror flick that I hadn't heard anything about, and fits in perfectly for a #shocktober viewing.

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