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Nyctophobia (2024)

Updated: Jul 4

My quick rating - 2.2/10. This flick starts out with a podcaster telling the story of an entire neighborhood that vanishes into thin air. Then she informs her cohost she got video proof from her source and the story begins. Twin sisters Rose and Azalea (Bianca & Chiara D'Ambrosio) and their friend Brooks (BJ Tanner) find themselves trapped in a supernatural blackout in which monsters are real. Their only hope for survival comes from the light of their cellphone. This is a nice and short 77 minute movie that wastes 22 minutes of handheld camera time with our 3 main characters. This might not be noteworthy except none of them can act for a damn so it is a long 22 minutes. The IMDB for the D'Ambrosio sisters shows otherwise so I will blame the script they were given. I am calling the father talking after years of silence something happening btw. The setup is simple enough, they just graduated from high school and are celebrating "freedom." Quick quality check, if someone is constantly going on about the moon disappearing and you happen to be recording at that time, don't you think you would pan into the sky to see if the stars and moon are there? Nope, not in this flick. The one thing we did learn from that annoying phone cam setup is that the older sister is afraid of the dark. When the power goes out, they are continually pointing out just how dark it is which it isn't, at all. This just leads to the trio wandering around the house before settling into the bedroom for secret sharing time. Until they arrive which leads us to viewing a lot of shaky camera shots and listen to hysterical yelling for the last half hour. Whatever it is that is attacking them sounds like lizards. Since there was no budget for effects we don't even get a hint as to what it was supposed to be, The obligatory put the camera down and cry into the lens scene is provided by Rose (Bianca) and isn't going to earn anyone an Oscar. This goes on until the alleged footage that was supplied to the podcaster runs out. At that point, the host and her buddy head to where it apparently happened again for a wrap-up to prove these occurrences are true. Director Kim Noonan didn't try to hide the fact this was all filmed with a smartphone which since the light is the only safe spot from the intruders, that part makes sense. Why they never utilized the fireplace we saw them walk by on occasion makes no sense at all, but hey, that is what you get from a high school film project that somehow made its way in front of me. I doubt it got a passing grade but they did put a film together so that counts for something. Start a fire, that is all I am saying.

As of 07.04.24 , Justwatch doesn't have any listed streaming options for this one.

Nyctophobia (2024) #jackmeatsflix
Nyctophobia (2024)
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