Outlaw's Buckle (2022)

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My quick rating - 3,0/10. Ok, so they leave out weapons in plain sight for anyone to grab in this jail? Oh, it is bad enough to think the big "heist" here is for a belt buckle, but then to think that two parties are interested in the stupid thing? LOL. From those during movie notes, I think you get an idea of how much of a reach this movie is. During a storm, a wayward cop with a dangerous serial killer in tow has to stop and take shelter at a small-town jail for the night. I am sure you are wondering how this leads to my initial points. Ok, you saw the rating and probably don't care. And you are completely correct since you shouldn't. The story they come up with is so stupid. And to make things worse, they attempt to incorporate all the twists you would see in a quality heist type flick into this rubbish that has some of the worst acting you will find. The movie seems to be filled with "extras" that you see that are everyday residents of a small town, yet in this, they are subjected to being the stars. After the serial killer escapes form his cell during a power outage, the two officers must try to survive in the jail until day. They never really explain why day matters minus a shift change. They do point out this is the first day for the cop at this jail. That part comes into play later as they desperately try to fool you with twists, all about WHO WANTS THS OUTLAWS BELT BUCKLE. I kid you not, the whole score in this is a useless buckle. Sure they paint a picture of it belonging to a famous bull rider and assuming those exist, maybe people would want to buy it in ebay, but the lengths these people go to try and get it? It is unbelievable in an Oceans Eleven scenario let alone a B-budget action thriller. Pass on it whenever it actually comes out.


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