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Pain & Gain (2013)

Updated: 3 days ago

My quick rating - 6,6/10. Did the Rock appear in every movie throughout the summer of 2013? Anyway this movie is based on a true story which makes it that much better when you see it. Reason for this? These "criminals" have to be the dumbest people in the world. The story revolves around 3 fitness trainers or muscleheads that decide they want the better things in life. Well, of course, the best way to get them is to steal it. The mastermind to this is Danny Lugo (played by Mark Wahlberg who again is great) who concocts a scheme to kidnap one of the clients of the club (Tony Shalhoub), and extort his millions. So he recruits Adrian (Anthony Mackie) and Paul (Dwayne Johnson) to exact this brilliant plan. I would dive into the plan, but I really don't think there was one. That is the beauty of the genius of the plan. They said "screw it, let's wing it" and since they are aforementioned idiots, this leads to some extremely funny moments. The movie itself is not action, but more of a comedy that just shows how dumb people are. So let's just say they painstakingly achieve their goal and score the money, but that is only half of it. In their own ways, one score wasn't enough due to their various eccentric behaviors and now a new plot is hatched, you would think after the first plans failure (barring getting the money) they may have learned they are not cut out for this. There are plenty of little side plots in the story that when the movie sums them up for you in court, you will be just listening to the account of this heist and just plain out laugh, not even realizing you just saw it in the past two hours of viewing. The characters work so well off of each other that the humor comes fairly quick, yet subtle. This is all put together very well into a fine flick that delivers the laughs. I was impressed that Michael Bay pulled this off since he isn't known for comedy. Set in the 90s and in Miami, the look is just what you would expect, fluorescent colors, jean shorts, etc. all are abound. A very comedic look at a violent yet amusing crime that actually happened. I would love to know just how accurate this movie is, because it just seems so over the top on how stupid the characters were. Oh, one thing I noticed that I am unsure how this fits into the criminals lifestyles and is more used for humor: An obsession with the male sex organ, real and fake, the subject comes up a lot. All and all, an enjoyable movie and the Rock once again steals the show with his g-d fearing coke-head character that will just keep you laughing. I personally think it was just a bit too long, but that is ok. Bonus for wrestling fans, look closely for a Kurt Angle sighting in this movie.

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