Pig (2021)

My quick rating - 6,0/10. After watching this pretty decent drama flick, I read people saying "The trailer showed us John Wick with a pig" Ok, I will let you know this movie is far from an action flick and I watched the trailer and I think those people WANTED it to be John Wick since typically Nic Cage lately throws himself at violent messes of roles where he massively overacts and yells a lot. I also think those people were high, but that is another story. The movie though is quite an interesting flick about a man who has settled into a simple life raising animals as livestock. One night thieves come and assault Cage and steal his pet pig. Now here is the turning point, he doesn't go on a blood soaked vengeance trip fueled by his desire for annihilation. Nope, he goes on a trek to find his pig, rarely speaking but when he does, his words are thought through and well spoken. This is a triumphant return for Cage and proving once again he still has it in him to by the actor he once was before Con Air took him away LOL. The movie looks solid visually and takes you around Portland on a journey of self grief and loss, but not guns a blazing. I have no idea if this underground food scene exists in Portland, but it got my interest a bit after hearing an excellent exchange in a restaurant between Cage and the chef. After all the praise here, you may wonder about my score and that falls solely in it is a very slow burn and often it is just scene to the next scene. Still I welcome back his acting chops and hopefully this doesn't get completely forgotten come Oscar time. It may not be a winner, but nominee worthy for sure.


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