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Plane (2023)

Updated: Mar 15

My quick rating - 6,4/10. I definitely enjoyed that one more than I was expecting. We get a very believable Gerard Butler as a pilot who happens to get the unfortunate flight through a minefield of a storm and convict Mike Colter as a passenger. I think the poster clues you in on the fact the plane goes down and they have to team up to try and not only survive, but save the passengers. The effects in this one as far as said crash landings looks extremely good, especially the parts in the plane. If you aren't a fan of flying, you won't care for that scene. But past that is the unlucky place Butler is forced to touch down upon. Or all the places to be stranded, why not a cartel-owned island that has the sole purpose of doing illegal things. The setup for the action is about as tailor-made as it is going to get. I did appreciate the situations they did use to bring us to the forefront of the action since it never involved anyone acting like a superhero, especially a very everyday Butler. Colter does take the reigns of the shoot first, don't bother asking later guy very well, as he typically does (think more Luke Cage as opposed to Evil). The rest of the cast is more or less throw away but when on screen they do occasionally provide some comic relief. Viewers are subjected to a bit of that "no way" factor a couple times but I don't think it would be a Hollywood action flick without those. The two of them do make a good team against the villains, who just need to try and stay alive while the airline consultant sends in a team of mercenaries to attempt to come rescue them. Yes, one of those moments I mentioned. But a requirement to get more guns involved in the whole situation. Which in turn gives us some more fire fights to watch. Don't think it is all mindless gunfights though since it has a nice balance of story to go along with the bullets. You may enjoy it if you elect to, I did more than I thought I would.

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