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Possessions (2024)

My quick rating - 3.3/10. This flick follows a father (Clive Standen) who seeks a fresh start with his son after the loss of his wife and purchased a storage unit facility sight unseen, but secrets buried behind the metal doors become a parent's worst nightmare. YOu would think the movie would have to do with a demonic possession or an exorcism, something along those lines but the title seems to have a whole lot more to do with the people's possessions in the storage facility. I am joking of course, but considering that the evil that is used in this movie is an afterthought while the main concern is how Standen will stay sober and what his kid is going through. There is a whole backstory as to why it is just the two of them and Mom is not around. I thought that may play into what was going on at some point but instead, it was just a quick "don't drink and drive" message. The fact that they were able to rope in Bart Simpson as the psychologist to attempt to deal with the son is also a bit strange. I would think that Yeardley Smith would hold out for a script that has a lot more going for it. It isn't that director Brent Cote does a bad job since things look fine and shots are well managed. But writer Brent Cote didn't give us much to get attached to in the story. So little happens in this movie that I would assume most of you will turn the channel long before making it to the silly ending. The scenes have no tension to them at all and unless corridors of outdoor storage units are your idea of good scenery, there isn't much to look at here either. I found no scares, no thrills and surely no horror in this flick so do yourself a favor and just pass up on this one. Oh, and there is good news since the ending clearly leaves open the door for a sequel that I can assure you I won't bother with.

Only a few streamers to choose from including Amazon

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