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Project Dorothy (2024)

My quick rating - 2.7/10. Danielle Harris as the voice of Dorothy is the only reason to watch this silly flick. From the start, it attempts to fuse elements of a botched robbery, a remote scientific facility, and a monstrous awakening, but unfortunately, it falls short of creating a compelling narrative. This film struggles to find its footing in the realm of sci-fi horror, delivering a lackluster experience marred by forced thrills and a pointless storyline. The premise centers around two men seeking refuge in a remote scientific facility after a failed robbery. However, the film quickly devolves into a chaotic mess as it introduces monsters within the facility. Aspiring to channel the energy of classics like "Maximum Overdrive," it instead comes across as a feeble attempt to recreate the magic of a cult favorite without understanding what made it work in the first place.

The inclusion of killer forklifts, presumably meant to inject a dose of absurdity, falls flat and feels more like a desperate grab at novelty than a well-thought-out plot element. The silliness of the concept diminishes any potential for genuine suspense or fear, leaving you more likely to roll your eyes than grip the edge of your seat. About the only redeeming aspect is Harris, and that is only being the voice of Dorothy. Despite the film's shortcomings, Harris manages to inject a semblance of credibility into the otherwise disjointed narrative. Her performance serves as the lone bright spot in an otherwise forgettable cinematic venture. If you are seeking a satisfying blend of suspense and comedy, you would be better served looking elsewhere.

Limited streamers for this one and kind of expensive as well.

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