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Rebroken (2023)

My quick rating - 4.9/10. Well, look who popped up in this flick, Tobin Bell or you may know him as Jigsaw. This flick delves deep into the realm of grief and the supernatural, offering a narrative that aims to explore the boundaries between life and death. Anchored by the esteemed Bell, the film attempts to blend psychological tension with the supernatural, creating an intriguing premise that unfortunately falls victim to clichés and a lack of depth. The story follows a shattered father, portrayed with by Scott Hamm Duenas, who receives mysterious recordings enabling him to communicate with his recently departed daughter. This performance attempts to inject the character with raw pain and desperation but falters in connecting that with me. Between that shortcoming and trying to salvage a plot that treads familiar territory without adding any fresh perspective, this one barely kept my attention. Another major downfall lies in its reliance on clichés. The concept of following 'the path' and delving into the supernatural to communicate with the deceased has been explored countless times before, leaving little room for innovation. Despite the potential for a gripping psychological exploration, this flick fails to break free from these well-worn tropes, resulting in a predictable and formulaic storyline. Another notable issue is the film's lack of world-building. The setting feels confined, alternating between group therapy sessions and the protagonist's home with a short stop by Bell's tent. There's a noticeable absence of external elements such as work or other activities that could breathe life into the story, making it feel stagnant and disconnected from reality. This absence prevents you from fully immersing yourself in the characters' lives, hindering the film's ability to establish a genuine emotional connection. On a positive note, it does succeed in creating a palpable sense of psychological tension. The exploration of the father's fragile mental state and his desperate attempts to bridge the gap between the living and the dead adds an element of intrigue. Bell's character as the mysterious gatekeeper in building this bridge was necessary for keeping our attention and at least intriguing us enough to explore until the end. The film does aspire to explore complex themes of grief and supernatural communication but ultimately falls short due to its reliance on overused tropes and lack of depth. While Tobin Bell's performance adds emotional weight to the story, it cannot compensate for the film's predictable finale. It may bring you to a satisfying conclusion in how it wraps up if you don't guess it along the way. There is no doubt that actor/writer Duenas is touching upon subjects he dearly is familiar with since the treatment of alcoholism and loss is presented with a feeling of honesty. I just found the end result too cliched and obvious but that shouldn't stop you from making your own judgment.

Amazon among others has this one for streaming.

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