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Roadkill (2024)

My quick rating - 3.4/10. My first movie that was labeled 2024, let's see if it is any good. Nope. The story revolves around a young woman traveling alone who crosses paths with a renegade drifter, setting the stage for a life-or-death struggle. Regrettably, the film fails to build any genuine tension or give us a reason to care about the fate of its characters. The poor acting only serves to further distance us, making it difficult to connect with the unfolding events. One of the film's most glaring issues is its monotonous pace, which drags on without offering any substantial development or intrigue. The lack of dynamic storytelling and engaging scenes left me feeling disengaged, making it a tedious watch rather than a gripping thriller. The characters are disappointingly one-dimensional, and the absence of depth exacerbates the film's shortcomings, as you are left without a compelling anchor to invest your emotions in. While the film attempts to inject surprise with early obvious twists and a later unexpected turn, these moments feel more like contrivances than genuine plot developments. The attempt to keep the audience guessing falls flat, as the twists lack the impact necessary to redeem the overall lackluster narrative. IMDB's expansive genre listing for "Roadkill" may be more misleading than helpful, as the film struggles to carve out a distinct identity within any specific genre. Instead of excelling in a particular category, the film dabbles in various elements without nailing any, leading to a confusing mishmash that fails to satisfy fans of different genres. In conclusion, it was a disappointing venture with a slew of issues, from poor acting and a monotonous pace to uninteresting characters. If you are seeking a gripping and well-executed thriller, this flick is likely to be a detour best avoided on your cinematic journey.

There are some streaming choices for you to check this one out.

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