Ronny Chieng: Speakeasy (2022)

My quick rating - 6,5/10. Recent streamer on Netflix for a quick hour-long standup burst. He might look familiar from The Daily Show or most recently Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. I'll keep it brief since like he says during his show, why would you critique comedians when all they are trying to do is make happiness for you? OK, it starts off quite funny and then hits a lull for a bit. Seems either very on or not depending on the joke and some of the setups are entirely too long. But to not focus on negatives, his take on armchair critics is great (looking around the room here). But slightly different circumstances since I do have the education to back it up. It is always entertaining when comedians also have the prowess of intelligence to back up their jokes. I appreciate a varied take on living abroad being incorporated into the routine. Definitely makes for a few good laughs. Still worth watching for sure and one I suppose I won't tag him on. Great for background while working since most of the time you really don't need to be watching, well minus when he is joking about Mr. Bean. If you know who he is you'll understand why.

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